The Field of Hope and our counselors are certified by the State of Ohio. Our facility offers counseling for adults struggling with alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

Hope House

Hope House is the name of our women’s inpatient residential treatment center. It can house up to 16 women and is staffed 24/7 with house managers who hold CDCA credentials. Residents participate in various activities and meetings both on and off campus.

Outpatient Counseling / Main Office Complex

Our outpatient counseling services are offered to men and women; the offices are located in the main office complex which is located in the rear section of the old high school building.


Our clinicians work with our clients to define any issues or problems, so we can give them the proper care they deserve.

Case Management

We explore the needs of the client and create an action plan to meet those needs. We also work with the client to establish goals and remain in close communication to help them achieve those goals.

Crisis Intervention

Trained clinicians help clients through difficult times, ensuring they receive proper care and treatment.

Group Counseling

We offer group counseling services that allow clients to interact with one another. Theses services can facilitate change and help clients acquire new coping mechanisms and skills to aid in sobriety.

Individual Counseling

We offer individual one-on-one counseling services to assist in working through a client's rehabilitating issues. These are fully confidential meetings intended on restoring the client's life in a respectful manner.

Community Outreach

We participate in and are partnered with a number of community outreach programs. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance we can provide you with help or point you in the right direction.

Drug Prevention & Recovery

We are partnered with the Gallia Strong Tower program at Vinton Baptist to assist with the prevention of drug abuse and aid in the recovery of those who are addicted.

Food Pantry Assistance

We are heavily involved in the Food Pantry at Vinton Baptist. We understand the prevalence of poverty in our area and the need to combat such issues in whatever way possible.