Field of Hope Celebrates 10 Years of Growth and Success

Celebrate Good Times- COME ON! 

Help us celebrate ten years at our 8th Annual Celebration! We held our first Field of Hope Annual Celebration/Fundraising event in 2015 to fellowship with our community, to show what their support has helped us do, and to provide opportunities for continued support. Our community is a big part of Field of Hope’s success, and we want to celebrate that success and growth with you.

Field of Hope Community Campus Gymnasium Renovations

Our celebration continues to be fun and free. As usual, our ladies, both past and present, will present a drama and provide “Hot Mic” pop-up testimonies of their life-changing experiences found at Field of Hope like that of Lauren M. 

Additional activities will include:

Since 2012, when the Field of Hope became an incorporated business, we have worked to build a campus that offers opportunities to the community for hope and healing. With the continued growth of our team, programs, construction, and 95.7% treatment success rate, the future is both encouraging and exciting. We look forward to 10 more years of partnership with our beloved community.

Field of Hope YMCA Celebration 2018
Field of Hope Celebration 2019

Organizations such as Field of Hope and Gallia-Jackson-Meigs ADAMH Board work to try to help those who are lost in addiction and unsure where to go or who to turn to. At Field of Hope, we understand that there can be many obstacles when rebuilding a new life in recovery. You will not do this alone. We provide services for drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction recovery and mental health care. Caring staff will walk alongside you to help you put the pieces together from start to finish. Call us today at (740) 245-3051

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