Ohio Overdose Awareness Day: Change the Conversation in Gallia County

Field of Hope is hosting Ohio Overdose Awareness Day: Change the Conversation in Gallia County. Overdose Awareness Day is to remember those who have been affected by addiction. The event will take place on August 31 in the Gallipolis City Park. The event will begin at 5:30 and it will include giveaways, live music, food, merchandise, a tribute table, testimonies, and a butterfly release to remember those who have lost their lives to a drug overdose. We encourage those planning on attending to bring a photo for the tribute table. All photos will be returned after the event. No registration required to attend.

Overdose Awareness at Field of Hope
Overdose Awareness at Field of Hope Community Campus

According to the Center for Disease Control, rural areas such as southeast Ohio are seeing a rise in addiction rates and overdoses. The data shows that females in particular have higher addiction rates in rural areas in comparison to urban areas. In addition, overdose deaths involving natural and semisynthetic opioids also had higher rates in rural areas.

What Causes Overdoses to Happen?

  • Low drug tolerance or having experienced a reduction in tolerance to the drugs used. This can increase the likelihood of an overdose if the substance is particularly potent or taken in large amounts.
  • Mental health issues. Depression may be associated with an increased number of both fatal and non-fatal overdoses. The presence of PTSD or psychotic disorders may also increase an individual’s risk of overdose.
  • Using alone can increase the danger associated with an overdose because no one will be with the person using to address symptoms of overdose if they appear.
  • Prescription drug overdose is common among the older adult population. As people age, they tend to take more medications, which can lead to adverse drug events or even accidental drug overdose.
  • Children consuming pills or liquid medicine they find around the house. Children can find medicine on kitchen countertops or on a bedside table.
  • Drugs and paraphernalia being left in community places (city parks, trashcans, etc.)

Strategies to Prevent Overdose Deaths

  • Ensure access to treatment for individuals who are misusing opioids or who have a substance use disorder. Effective treatment of substance use disorders can reduce the risk of overdose and help overdose survivors develop a healthier life.
  • Ensure ready access to naloxone (Narcan). Opioid overdose-related deaths can be prevented when naloxone is administered in a timely manner. Naloxone displaces opioids from receptor sites in the brain and reverses respiratory depression that usually is the cause of overdose deaths.
  • Check surrounding areas and parks before allowing children to play.
  • Use lockboxes to prevent easy access to medication.

Narcan is available from the Gallia County Health Department as part of the Project DAWN network. Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) is a network of opioid overdose education and naloxone (Narcan) distribution programs (OENDP) coordinated by the Ohio Department of Health.

Field of Hope has residential and sober living beds open for women. If you are struggling with addiction, we have a place for you. Call us today at 740-245-3051.

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